Vmprobe was founded on the insight that although there is a great deal of optimization at the lowest levels of operating systems, and a similarly large amount of optimization on engineering distributed systems, there is a gap in the market when it comes to connecting these two fields.

Our first target is the filesystem cache. Operating system kernels decide which pages to keep in memory using fairly naive algorithms such as Least-Recently-Used replacement. The conventional thinking is that it has to be this way — the kernel has very little other information on which to make these decisions. However, many applications (or their operators) do have detailed knowledge of their filesystem access patterns, if only they could easily communicate this to the kernel.

By connecting high-level information to low-level interfaces, we provide value to our customers:

About Us

Vmprobe is a research and development company founded in 2016 by Doug Hoyte. We are based in Toronto, Canada.

Our technology is based on vmtouch, also by Doug Hoyte.

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